King Williams Hotel

Right at the heartbeat of the sea site Town of Limbe is the popular King Williams Square Hotel. This is the perfect investment to guarantee generational wealth. With just a stroll away from the beach, Its location at the heart of the town, in proximity to the majority of administrative, economic, commercial, and entertainment facilities, makes King Williams Square Hotel the ideal location for accommodation and events in Limbe.

Built on 1560m² of land, King Williams Square Hotel is one of Limbe’s popular old hotels. The edifice has 31 well-lit rooms including standard rooms and suites with the ground floor serving as a nightclub which is another revenue stream.

Amenities include:
■ Bar Restaurant (international cuisine and Cameroonian specialties)
■ Conference Hall
■ Rooms with Air Conditioners, Satellite Tv, Telephone Network, Hot/Cold Water
■ Off-Street Parking

RATES range from 10,000 CFA Francs to 25,000 CFA Francs per night but could fetch more if refurbished and modernized.

The return on investment in this property is guaranteed if bought and given a facelift to meet ultramodern standards.


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